UNPACK - You will soon learn that design and passion is the lifeblood of this house.  The house was too big for Pieter, the owner, and he has decided to open it to a few select guests.  It is really his home into which he invites people.  It will not be long into your stay before you discover the calm, peace and tranquility which are the essence of Serenity Green.

RESTORE - The garden is instantly welcoming.  Find your special corner in the garden where nature plays her mystical part but nothing is left to chance.  Relax with a book or simply take in the calming trickle of water that chuckle through the garden or the distant calls from the abundance of wild birds flourishing in the tree filled sanctuary. Refresh in the azure pool after a day under the Free State sun or warm up in front of the fireplace when the winter sun disappears glowingly behind the big sky horizon.

REVISIT - Whether it is the convenient location to restaurants, shops and the central business location or the close proximity to the Medi Clinic or simply the assurance that your security will not be compromised during your stay, it is inevitable that you will return to the rare hospitality which has become the trademark of Serenity Green. You will leave with the knowing that it just comes natural to Pieter - making others feel comfortable and special.